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At the intersection of legalese and libations lives the prototypical lawyer. Beer is one of those libations and sometimes it’s great to have a guide that speaks your language. That’s what we’re here to provide.

Every week, we break down a new brewery or beer to keep you chilling when you’re not billing. We hope you enjoy the experience and please feel free to hit us up on social media or by email if you’re looking for an expert witness to evaluate a tasty brew you’ve discovered.

ConLaw Study Group


Content Taps Rotate Weekly

Brewery on Trial

Roughly once a month, you can witness a full brewery trial from opening statement to final verdict (no appeals). We hit the highs, the lows, and a few of the taps.

Kauai Brewery Company

Reps & Warranties – Beers for the Month

Every month has a holiday; some good, some bad, and some arbor day. And every holiday has a perfect set of beers. We’ll give you the best for every occasion that you can rely on through closing.

Adversary Proceedings – Beer v. Beer

Each month, we conduct an in-depth review of a few competing beers of the same style. We may check out the best of a single city, or review the best of a few different regions.


Once a month, we change it up. No one knows what to expect from the wildcard. It could be an asset valuation of new brewery swag, an evidentiary hearing on a recent trip to a new beer town, or even something completely different. All you need to know is the game changes when someone plays the wildcard.

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